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CLA Classic Compressors + CLA Signature Series





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This Waves combo features 2 fantastic Plugin suites developed in collaboration with legendary producer Chris Lord Alge. om the CLA Classic Compressors, You get access to meticulously crafted software reproductions of 4 of his favourite Classic hardware compressors. The second bundle in this combo deal called the CLA Signature series features Chris Lord-Alge's signature series plugins which offer high quality mixing tools which are designed so that you can quickly get the exact sound you want using the minimum of controls and adjustment.

Included in this Bundle

Waves CLA Classic compressors
CLA Signature series
Waves CLA Classic compressors
The CLA Classic Compressors Collection offers four legendary compressors, loved by around the world by audio engineers, and found in the studio of industry legend Chris Lord Alge.
The CLA Classic compressors Series is simple in concept, but a powerful tool to those who wield it. Waves went to Grammy award winning Producer Chris Lord-Alge and together they created impeccable plugin recreations of 4 of his favourite classic hardware compressors.
These compressors have been used for some classic tracks mixed by C L Alge in his studio, responsible for a wide range of albums; from Green Day, U2, Dave Matthews Band, Tim McGraw,Brian Setzer, Peter Frampton Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Steve Winwood, James Brown, Grand Master Flash & the furious 5 and many more! Having been on countless legendary records, these compressors have become so well known by audio engineers around the world, with their unique characteristics bringing that special something to your tracks.
Before, these legendary studio tools would only be available to the precious few due to their price, rarity and the cost of keeping these old units running in top form. Well now you can get exactly the same sonic results but for a fraction of the price. Every control knob and tonal variation has been captured by this plugin, so you can make the changes as you would on the real hardware and get exactly the same results on your tracks!

Key Features

Four modeled plugins based on classic compressors
Created in collaboration with Grammy® award-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge
Includes CLA-2A, CLA-3A, CLA-76 Blacky & CLA-76 Bluey
CLA Signature Series
If you're looking for a simple and easy to use set of tools that can transform your mixes then you'll want to check out the Signature Series from Waves. Working closely with some of the worlds top mixing engineers, the Signature Series offers a range of easy to use multi effect chain plugins created by the masters.
The Chris Lord-Alge Signature series offers 6 plugins that are specifically designed to handle the different parts of your mix. Chris is a legend in his field having worked with some of the most famous artists and classic tracks. (check out the full credits below) 
The Signature series takes Chris's go-to gear for each instrument and combines the signal chain to give you one great plugin for each part of your mix.
CLA Bass
CLA Drums
CLA Effects
CLA Guitars
CLA Unplugged
CLA Vocals
For example, if you want to mix your vocal track, add the CLA Vocal plugin, and you'll have a great vocal compressor, a great reverb, delay, EQ and more within one plugin and designed by CLA himself. Instead of having a whole range of controls you dont understand, the plugin only has the controls that will benefit the specific instrument. This takes the guesswork out, and offers a great way to speed up your workflow.

Chris Lord-Alge's Credits

Green Day | U2 | Nickelback | Creed | Nine Inch Nails | Foo Fighters | Goo Goo Dolls | Alanis Morissette | Daughtry | Bon Jovi | Avril Lavigne | Snow Patrol | Hoobastank | Lifehouse | Sum 41 | Pink | Dave Matthews Band | All American Rejects | My Chemical Romance | Santana | AFI | Rise Against | P.O.D. | Paramore | The Calling | Fastball and countless others.


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