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Rockbottom Rehearsal Rooms


Rockbottom features five fully equipped, air conditioned and soundproofed rooms in its premises:

1 large mirrored showcase / dance room (book early to avoid disappointment).

-  3 large rooms

-  1 small room

Booking Times & Rates:






Mon - Fri

10am  - 6pm


7pm - 11pm

  large room    £50  

  normal room £40

  small room    £30



10am - 2pm

2pm - 6pm



11am - 3pm

3pm - 7pm

7pm - 11pm

Call us now on 020 8680 1042 or drop by the store  to book.


Each room includes (at no extra charge):



  • Full P.A. System (EV, Yamaha, Shure, Carlsboro)



    • Bass Amps (Trace Eliot, Marshall)

    • Guitar Amps (Marshall, Roland, JCM Heads, 4x12 Stacks and Combos)

    • Drum Sets (Sonor, Pearl, Mapex, Meridian Laquered Kits)

    • Cymbals (Paiste, Stagg DH & SH, Zildjian or bring your own)

    • Microphones (Shure, SM58)

    • Keyboard / Music Stands - Available on Request

    • Room Fans - Available on Request

    • Also technical support is on hand at all times at no extra charge.  Call us now on 020 8680 1042 or drop by the store  to book.


      Please note: No smoking permitted anywhere inside: sheltered smoking area is provided out the back. Any damages caused to our property will be investigated and rectified at the guilty party's expense. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal activities on our premises. CCTV is in constant operation. Thank you!