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Boss TU-10 Guitar Chromatic Tuner

Available in Black and Silver!


Boss TU-10 in is a Clip-On Tuner with 'True' Colour Display. Boss TU-10 is part of Boss's 'TU' line, which is synonymous with reliable, roadworthy and accurate tuning. Today, the world's most famous tuner prefix gets 'clipped-on' with the debut of the Boss TU-10. Reinventing the traditional image of clip-on tuners, the TU-10 offers a stylish design and robust body with high-performance features derived from other BOSS tuners, such as Accu-Pitch, flat tuning up to five semitones, and Stream mode. A unique feature - the 'true colour' LCD - provides a full, multi-colour visual experience not seen before in other clip-on tuners. In addition, the reflection-display function dramatically improves visibility.


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